Tired of trying to feed today’s cutting edge Nucleic Acid sequencing and analysis technologies with 30 year old sample preparation technology? Welcome to the 21st Century!

ARGYLLA brings the power of Nanotechnology
to the world of biological sample preparation

*New* XtremeXtract Kit™ for Circulating Cell-free DNA/RNA in Plasma

Argylla DNa nanoPurify KitThe next generation of extraction and purification for extremely low concentration and precious samples. Ideally suited for protein rich but low nucleic acid content samples such as analyzing circulating cell free DNA and RNA in plasma and serum, nails, hair, feathers, etc. Ideal for today's next generation sequencing, micro-arrays, and advanced analysis systems.

Combining a unique patent pending dual digestion process with a unique patent pending nanoparticle based nucleic acid capture and release process, Argylla can deliver what others only promise - Maximum Recovery Yields, with virtually no systemic losses.

This kit has multiple utilities to isolate and purify DNA and RNA from blood plasma and serum (1) small and/or degraded DNA and RNA and (2) larger fragments of DNA suitable for PCR.
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NanoChromatography™ is a novel version of batch chromatography utilizing nanotechnology. The power of NanoChromatography is that, with no specialized equipment, biomolecules of research, clinical or forensic interest can be captured from a large, dilute sample and then enriched and concentrated. Argylla Technologies LLC is developing a suite of simple-to-use products for the manipulation, capture, purification, and concentration of DNA, RNA and proteins.

These high-density nanoparticles form extremely stable suspensions with enormous surface area in biological fluids. Argylla has exploited the unique physical properties of nanoparticles in suspension, and has coated these particles with biomolecule-specific films to create a new class of tools for the biotechnology marketplace.

The resulting “Argylla Particles” have the unique ability to capture and concentrate specific biomolecules from large or extremely dilute solutions. The biomolecules bound to Argylla Particles can then be released in a purified and concentrated form ready for further biochemical or genetic testing. This extraction-capture-concentration process scales from liter size samples to samples as small as a 1/100th of a milliliter by a simple adjustment of the proportion of the Argylla Particles used in the preparation. The PrepParticle™ can process samples yielding as little as 100 picograms of DNA.

Argylla Products are distinguished by:

• their extreme simplicity of use,
• their cost effectiveness,
• the enormous binding capacity of the nanoparticle matrix,
• rapid binding kinetics associated with NanoChromatography processes, and
• the batch protocol is a "one-pot process"; that is, the whole extraction process, from start to finish, is performed within one low cost standard microfuge tube.

Argylla delivers

• Argylla kit products can process the smallest and rarest biological samples.
These include micro-dissected clinical biopsies, crime scene wipes, clinical skin swabs, and clinical samples such as bacterial swabs.

• Argylla Technology is readily scalable in sample size from a few microliters to liters.
A few cells in 10 microliters at one extreme, or microbial DNA in a liter of waste water filtrate at the other.

• Argylla Products are scalable in sample content.
The DNA nanoExtract Kit can process DNA samples that contain 100 picograms up to 15 micrograms. A 150,000 fold range!

• Argylla technology can be modified, with fine-tuning, for DNA, RNA, Protein and Microbes. Several spin-off products are in development.

• Although Argylla’s products are built upon complex nanotechnology, they are very easy to use. Even field applications are straightforward, with primitive, portable equipment.