Argylla XtremeXtract Kit™
for Circulating Cell-free DNA/RNA in Plasma

High Recovery from protein-rich, low nucleic acid content samples

Argylla DNa nanoPurify KitThe next generation of extraction and purification for extremely low concentration and precious samples. Ideally suited for protein rich but low nucleic acid content samples such as analyzing circulating cell free DNA and RNA in plasma and serum, nails, hair, feathers, etc. Ideal for today's next generation sequencing, micro-arrays, and advanced analysis systems.

Combining a unique patent pending dual digestion process with a unique patent pending nanoparticle based nucleic acid capture and release process, Argylla can deliver what others only promise - Maximum Recovery Yields, with virtually no systemic losses and no alcohol precipitation step.

Dual digestions - alternating pH conditions - mildly alkaline with base loving proteases, then mildly acidic with acid loving proteases - mimics the body's digestive process and achieves maximum breakdown of the proteins. DNA bound to histones and partially digested proteins are typically washed away in traditional alkaline extraction methods. Argylla's additional acidic digestion completes the breakdown, finds the sweet spot to avoid depurination, and eliminates the need for alcohol precipitation steps. Argylla digestion releases all the nucleic acids to be captured.

Nanoparticle capture. Argylla's patented nanoparticles - PrepParticles - are engineered to pull the nucleic acids directly out of solution without an alcohol precipitation step. The tremendous surface area of the nanoparticles in colloidal suspension assures the capture of all nucleic acids freed by the dual digest within minutes.

Elution and Concentration in 1 step. Simply disperse the particles in the elution buffer to release the nucleic acids. There are no pores or hollows to trap DNA like spin columns. There is still the void volume. Simply adjust the volume of Elution buffer for your anticipated yield to create your desired concentration.

Flexibility to meet real world needs:
  • Scales to process 100µL to 5mL samples.
  • Samples compromised by improper storage or heme can be salvaged by extended digestion times and/or additional rinse steps.
  • Current kit utilizes standard desktop centrifuges.
  • Soon to be released kits will utilize magnetic nanoparticles and can be adapted into all common pipetting robots.
  • Soon to be released kits will select for larger fragments and Genomic DNA.
The XtremeXtract process captures even the trace nucleic acid content in commercial enzymes. Because this can potentially effect downstream analysis we offer different enzymes depending on your target analysis:
  • Pepsin is extremely effective, but is from a mammalian source. The protocol treats Pepsin to degrade and remove endogenous nucleic acids before it is added to the sample. This is adequate for most applications.
  • Flavourzyme, from a fungal source, may be desired for a more conservative approach to critical analysis of human or mammalian sequences.
Part No Kit sizes   Price
XX12-020.01 50  0.5mL samples Circulating Cell-free DNA/RNA in Plasma, Pepsin